A new beginning, I have a plan and it starts today.

Happy 1st of Feb everyone!

It's been a while since this blog received any love.  I used to be so prolific, blogging weekly, but the past year or so not so much.  Not sure why. 

As you know the album came out on the 27th of October after a long and weird year of ups and downs, sickening anxiety, broken hearts, moving countries and generally feeling (on an emotional level) everything that happened in my life.  It was hard to write.  I've found it hard to pour all that emotion into anything except my songs but I am here back on the blog, sharing my brain insides with you all. (ahhh that's why!)

As always I have a plan!  You know how much I love a plan.  That plan starts today.

I needed some serious time out from my music after that album, so I took it.  I felt the initial relief of not having any 'Rosie Bans Music' stuff on my to do list but then the inevitable craving to write, to make, to perform creeped in. I have been harvesting this craving, saving it all up for when I decided to begin again. 

I decided to.  Begin.  Again.  

In a couple of weeks I am taking myself away on a writing retreat.  With two pianos, a bunch of keyboards, my laptop and a microphone.  Removing myself from my usual word to see what I can make.  This is the start of album number two.  (how fucking exciting!)

Over on Patreon I will be sharing the whole experience.  If you haven't already, check out the platform.   It's a way for fans to support creators though small recurring donations and it is a really awesome platform allowing small artists (like me!) to achieve some sort of sustainability with their work. 

If you connect with my music then I'd love for you to consider becoming a Patreon and helping me create more.

So... February is a month of gathering, exploring and creating.  And beginning again. 

Let's see what come out of it!  I have a title in mind for the second album already which is an amazing place to start from considering it takes your whole life to write your first album. 

I want to finish by saying it is okay to stop, to quit, to walk away.  Nothing is permanent.  Work, art, love, relationships, nothing.  You are also allowed to pick things back up and begin again at any time.  Or don't.  The beauty is it's all up to you, you're writing the story (or the album).  The point is to make sure you are honouring yourself along the way.  This is something I am still learning how to do.

Okay, time to get back to work! 

Mucho ginger love to you all! xxx




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