Touring and Writing News!

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to the REAL start of 2018... are you with me!?  January is gone, it's okay, January is not a real month anyway just a big faker... apart for being my birthday month obvs! 

It's sometimes a weird one to re-adjust from all that 'turn of the year' stuff BUT we made it through and we are looking onwards to a new year of musical adventures and great banter.  

NEWS! I am organising my April UK Tour!  Will you join me? 

I am still looking for venues to play in (and hoping to bring my band with me on this one).  Any suggestions of where to play would be amazing!  Get in touch! 

In the meantime I am breathing new life into my Patreon page and heading off on a writing holiday next week from Monday - Wednesday.  Join me over on Patreon as I will be updating each day with new ideas and general musings from a wonderful studio in the middle of the Scottish countryside. 

It's going to be LUSH!! 

Tour chat and writing chat... the new year has well and truly started! 

Mucho ginger love,  

Rosie xx 

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