The legends. Thanks pals!


Last night we entereted the studio with Mike Nisbet and Erin Todd.  For those of you that know me you will know these two are HUGE parts of my life.  Mike is my better, taller, but equally ginger other half and Erin Todd is one of my best friends, and the most genuine person I have ever known!  Having both around has been such a joy the last two days!  We went into the studio with Duncan Menzies - again if you know me you will also know how insanly talented this guy is.  Like some sort of hairy scottish bag pipe weilding ninja.  And all four of us just played some of my music - it was such a beautiful and exciting experience!!  

I took a wee step back last night and realised how far I have come to get to this point.  All the ups and downs, everything has led me here and I am really loving it all!  

So thanks you Mike, Erin and Duncan.  And thanks to all the other amaing people that will be coming on board for this record!

R xxxxx

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