Parks, walks, dinner and JOHN!

 SUNDAY I LOVE YOU.  You bring me ridiculous portions, cheesecake and guilt free hours of walking in the park.  I find myself in the park when I am looking for inspiration, really that means when I am feeling unproductive BUT on a Sunday it is whole different story!  I spend time baking, again usually a task left for those afternoons of pottereing around the house with a massive to do list getting nothing done.  Not today, NUH UH!

Wandstead Park is my new favourite place.  So easy to get lost in, it is HUGE, tons of ponds, a beautiful river running through and shit loads - I MEAN SHIT LOADS - of wildlife.

Still no Kingfisher sighting but I swear one day I will see one of those wee bastards.  One day.  I am waiting for you.

It's my reset day.  I have had a great weekend with one blight - I forgot about a gig (well, I didn't forget I just didn't write it down!! What a fanny!) so found myself in the DISGUSTING situation of playing the piano at a show, then my mobile lights up.  I see that it is one of the agencies I work for and instantly get that gut wrench, I knew I had fucked up.  Big time.  SO after playing two great gigs on Saturday I was left with a slight shake in the stomach "What others gigs have I not written down?!"  

After multiple double checks (about 14 double checks) after 28 checks I am fairly to moderately absolutely definately almoooosssttt sure that I have pretty much not forgot any others. 

ARGHARGHARGH!  Human error.  That's all I can say.  In the four or so years I have been gigging I have never forgot a gig.  UNTIL NOW.  DUM DUM DUUUUUUUM!

Anyway, since writing this JOHN has just walked in through my kitchen window.

John is the neighbour's cat.  HELLO JOHN!

R xxx

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