New shiz goin' down in Bans Town!

Yo home dawgs.  Hello.  How you all doing.  Great.

I have a SHIT LOAD of gigs coming up over the next wee while so thought I'd update you all with some of  Cool.

So on SUNDAY (5th FEB) I have an ACE gig in Nambucca, Upper Holloway.  It is an amazing venue with some of THE nicest staff I have worked with in London.  Everyone was so supportive of my music when I played there last.  So I am BACK.

The cooooool thing about this gig is that I shall be playing 2 x 30min sets - all original material, yes that's an HOUR of ROSIE tunes - in the main bar.   In the gig room that same night is Peter Doherty.  So come and get warmed up by me before heading in and getting your fix of Doherty.  Should be an ace night!!!!

Then, on the 16th of FEB I'll be playing The LEGENDARY Troubadour in Earl's court.  I love playing here and I shall be on the bill with some ACE acts.  MORE INFO HERE...

8.25 Lydia Baylis

9.05 Erin Todd 

9.40 Rosie Bans - MEEEEEEEEEE

10.20 Ashley John-Baptiste 
Ashley John-Baptiste formally of X Factor group 'The Risk'. Having left 'The Risk' Ashley has gone solo and is currently working on his album while also planning a UK Tour


THEN...MARCH 5th Im playing The Bedford, Balham.  The Bedford is always an amazing gig and I am super duper excited about this one too!  Erin Todd is also on the bill.  We are giving it LARGE.

And the gig will be streamed LIVE at

MARCH 19th I'll be back at NAMBUCCA headlining their acoustic night in the main bar.  Good drink and good banter.  GOOD FUCKING TIMES!

Looking forward to the next couple of months of gigging...see you there!!!!
R xxxxxxxxx

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