New Demos and New Resolutions


Are you a consistent person in your work?  Hobbies?  Or do you do things in bouts and phases? I am absolutely someone that goes through ‘phases’.  I go through fitness phases, food phases, mood phases.  I doubt I am much different from many, especially with my writing. 

I have been going through a writing phase recently, thank fuck.  It’s a beautiful bubble of possibilities, inspiration, satisfaction and therapy.  That said, if you are also like me and go though the ‘nothing I do is ever good enough’ phase - it can also be frustrating!
It's the classic "you want what you can’t have" scenario, when I am recording I want to write, when I write I want to gig and when I gig I want to record… it’s quite a nice juicy circle as it means you eventually get to do all the thing you want to do, with the added pleasure of delayed gratification.  YEAH! 

So now I am sitting with a whole new bunch of songs under my belt.  And time.  Time.  So much time.  Independant musicians set their own schedule and without money that schedule can lack slightly in the 'recording studio' area!  So, I refuse to sit on my own songs, smothering them with my big. fat. arse.   I plan on releasing them into the world in a sort of ‘almost born embryo’ type form.  Disgusting you may think.  Beautiful you might feel.  Rough they will be.  Mailing list subscribers will have the chance to hear them first as and when they pop out my head. 

So, it is almost mid way through 2016 (sorry for reminding you!).  If, like me, you are a diary writer, journal keeper or blogger then you have the amazing opportunity to look back at your obligatory New Years Eve post and re-read the list that you may have shared with the world.  LOLZ.  I still cannot do the splits.  Not even a little.   

To once a years resolutions I say - FUCK THAT, I fail ALL THE TIME.  I say to myself “I want do X, Y and Z” then quickly end up exhausted on the sofa watching the third episode of Millionaire Matchmaker in a row feeling disgusted by the whole situation.  That is (my) real life people.  I propose something new, a second, third, fourth…unlimited chances at resolving.  A mid year evaluation, a new, fresh assessment.  A mid year resolution.  A quarter year resolution.  A DAILY RESOLUTION. 

If we wake up, adjust and resolve to do one thing that day that we WANT to do we actually get more done.  We would see more friends, we would be in better shape and we would be happier, I think. Instead of spending a whole year beating ourselves up for the stuff we *still* haven’t achieved.  Strike it off the list if it only makes you happy on paper.   

I don’t want to learn the fucking splits any more.  I have tough thighs.  These wee hamstrings have helped me cart keyboards, amps, PA systems, a vast array of heavy music gear up and down the country for the past four years.  I ain’t stretching those fuckers FLAT any day soon. 

So here is a cheers to your next resolution.  The one you make right now!  May it change your mind set towards something joyful, bring you positivity and allow you to fall in love with yourself deeper, because you need to, you really do. 

Rosie xxx

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