More press for Process, artPACKT Second pledge and Online House Gig!

!!HELLOOOO!!!!!  There has been a lot going on at BansHQ in the last wee while...

So, it's been 10 days since process came out and so far it's had over 100 downloads (THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!) and two wonderful reviews!  Paul Scott Bates from Louder than War has been so supportive of my music and he is such a genuine and lovely person.  He wrote me a bloody brilliant review for Process, you can read the whole thing HERE


artPACKT: SECOND Pledge Music Campaign

The second thing I am mega excited about is artPACKT's SECOND Pledge Music campaign!  It will be launching VERY VERY soon - just keep you eyes and ears peeled on Facebook and Twitter!  For those of you that don't know, artPACKT is a touring collective that sees Mike Nisbet, Anna MacDonald and myself team up and hit the road together each year.  We are pledging to make a second record together this time with some exciting new writing.  Can't wait and THANK YOU for all the support you have given us so far!

Online House Gig

Those of you that are connected with me on Facebook and Twitter will know about my FREE ONLINE HOUSE GIG tomorrow night!  Join the Facebook Event Page here and keep a eye out for the link.  I will be posting up the link tomorrow afternoon. It is also MY BIRTHDAY tomorrow and so I will be celebrating online with the gig and GETTING SHIT FACED online too.  Come and join me for a weird computer party in your pants*.  I am so excited as this is my first EVER Solo online show - I do hope some people tune in or else it's just me, all alone, in my pants, drinking.  Drinking..

*Pants optional

Okay that's pretty much all from me FOR NOW!!  Tune in tomorrow night and lets have a laugh and some sing songs :)   Catch you all on the flip side ma pals!

Rosie xxx


I hope you enjoy these posts!  If you do then please check out my music here.  All my music is free from my website however you can support my independent music further by donating to my solo project here.  I am unbelievably grateful for any and all donations I receive!  

Please connect with me over on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube where you can get the latest scoop on my music, gigs and general amazing banter.  (Banter quality may vary)

And, as always, THANK YOU!

Rosie xxx


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