House shows, artPACKT and gigs!


WELL this week has been pretty mental, I have been glued to my computer tour planning, editing my E.P. and organising promo for the upcoming release.  It's all good times, but busy times! 

So far we have three house gigs in the diary, and on the look out for more so if you are interested send us an email to

You might be wondering wtf is this artPACKT?! Well, as there are three of us heading off on tour we thought it'd be nice to start a little collective name for the three gingers.  We really enjoy being involved in each other's career and now we have a sort of umbrella name to it.  The whole essence is to make good art, making a promise and keeping it real.  No bullshit. So artPACKT was born!  It's an open club by the way, if you want to be involved and part of it it's all yours, just send me an email :) 

Here is a wee promo video we have put together for the upcoming tour:

And a pic of our lovely mugs :)

YES WE SMILE - except for mike, he has gas issues.  :) (He's gonna kill me!!)


I mentioned in my handwritten post that I was planning a gig with the wonderful Izo FitzRoy so it's happening on Monday 17th of Feb!!  CANNOT WAIT...! We have...

Live music
Live ART! 
Spoken word 

and photographers, other arty types all in a beautiful warehouse setting.  We will be live tweeting and I will be love blogging on the night so I will keep you up to date!!

That's it for now, back to my Saturday night!!! xxx


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