Happy St Andrew's Day everyone!  There is a bitter sweet feel to the day because of the tragedy at The Clutha Vaults Pub in Glasgow last night, three people are feared dead and over 30 are in hospital.  I used to play in the Clutha around once a month with a duo I was in during University.  We were called Indigo Blue and played covers, it was through those years I really started learning how to do this music thing!  My thoughts and love are with everyone affected by what's happened.

Today I am off to play a CEILIDH!  Of course I am!  It's St Andrew's Day!  We are heading into central London (Marylebone to be exact) to play for a couple of hours.  I am really excited about tonight!  If you don't already know, St. Andrew's Day and Burns Night are the two big dates on the Ceilidh Calendar... HAGGIS NEEPS AND TATTIES ALL ROUND!

So, I have some album updates...

I have THREE sessions left in the studio and then that's it.  Done.  No more recording.  This big slog will be over.  I have slowly forged away week after week getting the sounds down and now I can see the finish line.  Well, a mile marker at least.  I still have a bit to go BUT will be planning my 2014 summer tour come January so look out for updates.  There will be a wee tour page popping up too with more info.

I hope everyone has a fab weekend!!!  I am OFF on Sunday (YEY!) so this is my last working day of the week.  Fun times :)



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