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Good morning everyone! 

How are you all doing?  I hope this email finds you well :) 

Did you tune into the online gig last night?  If you did THANK YOU!  If you did not then no worries, you can watch the whole thing HERE.  Go on, plug in your head phones, it doesn’t matter that you are at work, no one is looking and you can hide the window behind your emails.  Nobody has to to know… 

I made some announcements during the broadcast.  Here are the headlines straight from Bans town… 

The BORN IN WINTER UK Tour dates announced! 

I will be jaunting my merry way around our glorious Isles for two weeks this November.  I am mega chuffed to be sharing the dates with you all :) 


1 EDINBURGH - The Depot w/Kat Healy 

2 GLASGOW - The Steamie w/Mike Nisbet and Kat Healy 

3 CARLISLE - Open Mind w/My Little Brother 

4 COVENTRY - Big Comfy Books w/Fred’s House and Emma McGrath 

5 BIRMINGHAM - House Gig w/Mike Nisbet and Anna MacDonald 

7 BRISTOL - Mr Wolfs- Songsmith 

10 LONDON - Ryan’s Bar 

12 GLASGOW - House Gig 

13 GLASGOW - Southside Sessions 

I will be accompanied by the ever so talented Mike Nisbet on each date. 

There are still some dates to fill so if you would like a house concert or have any suggestions for gigs on the 6th, 8th, 9th or 11th of November then holla! 

Crowdfunding Campaign for ALBUM NUMBER ONE! 

Yes, you heard.  I am crowdfunding for my album. This is all happening over on Patreon.  This album is in it’s embryo stages and I need a bit of help with sculpting these hundreds (!!) of songs into a coherent record.  SO!  I shall be demo-ing each contestant track (around 20) and delivering them to your ears.  I would then like to host a few online ‘hang outs’ so we can all decide what to keep and what to hold onto for later (and what to chuck completely!  Be honest, I can handle it!) 

Check it all out here. 

Okay, so that’s you all clued up on the gossip. Please head over and visit my Patreon page, give me your feedback and I hope we get to meet at a gig this November!  In the meantime, stay in touch on all the usual socials, check out my most recent project, a 30 video challenge over on YouTube and say HELLO!! 

Thanks for reading! 




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