Good morning!
AHHHHH!!!! TOUR EH!?  How fantastic.
The Working Out Of Town tour (#WOOT) is well underway!  And what a fucking amazing start we have had so far.  
Our opening show in London at The Torriano Bar in Kentish Town was the most fun and perfect way of beginning our biggest tour to date.

I asked the audience to sign my face...and they DID! :)

On the 24th we headed through to Bristol for a weekend of gigs.  Well, who knew Bristol was going to be so bloody amazing!?  So full of musicians, artists, wonderful happy people.  I was told multiple times from different people “you should move to Bristol”!  Wow!!
I’d like to say a massive thanks to Mark Venus for booking us into the Imp Bar on our first night in the city.  The show was a lovely few hours of settling in, singing and saying the C word - which I got high fived for…I like Bristol!

Another HUGE thank you to Quentin from Jumping Joint for booking us and hosting at Mr Wolf’s!  The show started out all quiet and sad and after a bit of (attempted) on the street PR and a few punters arriving from our previous gigs (THANKS GUYS!) the gig ended up with lots of smiley faces.

Lastly, the biggest thank you to Ali, our host in Bristol!  She made us feel at home, gave us comfy warm beds to sleep in, shared her food with us and was just so amazing to hang out with for the weekend!!

So, the story so far is, we travelled to a city, knew no one and three days later played our music to a room of familiar faces.  Is that not what its all about?!!!

Merch sales in Bristol were also great - you buying my music means I can keep making more and I am eternally grateful for every single penny!
This tour has a different angle to it as well.  Myself and Anna MacDonald have set ourselves a challenge during this tour to keep fit and eat well.  Touring can take such a toll on your body, and being on the go all time makes it harder to eat healthily which in turn can affect your mood and energy levels!  So far we have been powering through it all and surviving…
Our updates are all over on the Eat Move Rest Repeat blog!  (apparently Blogilates likes us also!)

Tonight we are playing at The Blueberry in Norwich!  See you there pals :) xxxx

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  • Mark Venus
    Mark Venus Bristol
    I'm really pleased you had such a lovely time. Thank you all so much for performing & bringing your music to Bristol.

    I'm really pleased you had such a lovely time. Thank you all so much for performing & bringing your music to Bristol.

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