Batcave Demos are coming DOWN!


Since my last post I have calmed down, got my shit together and back on it!  I feel focused and energised.  I have been working out everyday and the benefits are really starting to show.  Feeling healthy and fit really wakes you up, makes your feel ALIVE!  Pilates every single day, mixed with some interval training, I am loving it!!

So, I have my mind focused back on my work, my album, my music.  I have moved house and haven't set up my keyboard yet - that is happening today!!  I am very excited!!  I miss her, my keyboard that is.  SHe has been in her case for the past few days and I am CRAVING to play.  Sometimes you have to remove yourself from a situation, or take some things away to truly appreciate them.

So the Batcave demos.  I worked hard on finishing those tunes for this album, and now the album is happening the demos will be coming down.  If you would still like to download them you can for the next few days and then they will be gone.

The wonderful Erin Todd (please do check out this amazing artist is travelling down to London tomorrow.  We are playing a little chilled show at Spiritual Bar in Camden then hitting the studio on Thursday for the album.  Erin's vocals are super smooth.  I love that about them, the tones she produces are just gorgeous!  SO I am excited to hear what her sounds are like over mine!  

I am off now to try and make a room full of packed bags work for me.  COME ON!!!!

Yald. Rx

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