The last two weeks I have been working with Wayne Myers (of Fit and the Conniptions fame - go check him out!) who is playing bass on my record.  


Absolutely bursting with excitement, we have two more tracks to get the bass down on then the core band is there! (YEY!)   I will also be hitting the studio tomorrow with Mike Nisbet to record acoustic guitar and piano!  Oh it is all just a little too much, i think I need a wee lie down!

Along with tons of recording I have been gearing myself up for the inevitable post record tour - my plan (at the moment, these plans ALWAYS change!) - is to release the record at the end of Autumn then FUCK OFF ON TOUR for as longs as I can have the energy/can afford!  SO I have been working my butt off.  Working on my body is becoming just as important to me as my music, and when a lot of musicians neglect themselves, their helth, their diet on the road I am trying to commit to myself to stay healthy and strong.  LOVING IT!  I follow Blogilates - if you are looking to improve your fitness in anyway I suggest a visit to Cassey's site.  It has changed the way I thnk about fitness and my body as well as being so much fun, I look forward to getting sore after a workout every day!  Weird, I know!

Thanks for reading and supporting as you always do, I am super grateful for all the love!!!

R xxxxxxxxxx

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