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It's been a fucking long time since I posted on here.  Where does time go?  We are all getting older, it's fucking freaking me out. 

I have been under the radar for a while.  I was diagnosed with depression a few months ago and working my way through that journey has been hard but crammed full of lessons and insights.  Number one for me was learning how to let go and relax.  I gave up my 100mph music-must-come-first mentality and just focused on me.  I went for walks, took long showers, read books and done nothing.  Doing nothing is really hard.  It's a huge black hole filled with anxiety and fear.  But now I LOVE doing nothing.  I stare out the window, gormless, and just gaze. 

I feel 100% better but not back to 'normal'.  I am resisting 'normal'.  I never want to feel 'normal' again.  

It's like a snake shedding it's skin.   My new scales are different but they were formed underneath the old ones.  With the help of friends and therapy I am back in my life, present.  Things still feel a little weird at times but I have a real sense of wonder and a new excitement to explore things.  Depression forced me to develop.  To reflect, to persist, to alter and to understand.  It's a constant process and one that needs embracing.  I am grateful for getting sick and if I ever find myself in the same place again, I know what to do.  Persist.

So!  Some music news for you!

We have an ONLINE HOUSE GIG ready to go on the 1st of June 2015!!  8pm.  Monday.  One week today.  Get your laptops and pull up a your pants!  Watch us (artPACKT) perform some of our new stuff, old stuff and listen to our questionable banter!

See you then!! xxxxxx

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