A weekend away

How amazing a job I have, to be able to spend a whole weekend working and come home feeling like I've had a holiday!  Such an amazing thing!

I spent all weekend on the Island of Alderney with my ceilidh band, playing Scottish music and enjoying Island life!  Here are some pics I took to give you a taste!!

Look at how green that water is!!! WOW!

Yeah and the smallest plane ever! 

Ah it was so much fun!  Anyway, I am now back on our own larger island and back in London.  This is ALBUM MONTH.  I am planning on finishing all the recording this month, then it's post production.  This projet wlll be taking around a whole year of my life to complete but I will feel SO AMAZING once it is all done and I can start touring properly! (YEY!).  Until then I will be posting you tube videos, doing another online gig, and posting general updates on all the goings on!  Please keep in touch, I hope you can join me on this mental journey!!

Rosie x

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