Creativity is unique, personal and incredibly important!  Seeking out tuition or mentorship is an excellent way to ensure we continue being connected to our creativity and I am here to help guide all musical creative types through a small part of their journey. 

Each session is tailored to your individual needs and we work together, in a partnership, to navigate towards a place of your choosing.  I am dedicated to life long learning and fully understand the ups and downs that life throws at us may affect our connection to music.  Taking up music lessons or coaching is a brilliant way to gain some much needed perspective and skill to keep people moving forward! 

I teach with a friendly, person-focused approach.  Our experiences around music should be fulfilling and enjoyable so all piano, voice, music production and songwriting lessons are always constructed to suit the learner, based on their goals and musical ambitions. 

I have over ten years of music industry experience as well as individual and classroom teaching experience along with an Honours degree from The Ian Tomlin School of Music, Edinburgh, and I pride myself on delivering professional, top quality tuition for all ages and abilities.

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