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Catch Rosie's online Gig TONIGHT 7.30pm

I have been stuck in a studio for the past MONTH!  Now I have been set free I am back online and would love to sing some tunes for you! 

Rosie xx



Do you know the song?


I've been wi' a couple o' cronies, 
One or two pals o' my ain; 
We went in a hotel, and we did very well, 
And then we came out…

Live Stream Announcement - Wed 8th Feb @ 7pm!

Hello everyone :)

I am back from a very rainy week away and feeling ready to smash back into my work. 

There are loads of exciting things happening this month, all of which I would love to share with…

New Video up on YouTube!!

Hello guys,

I have recorded a new wee video up on YouTube!  It's a cover of a tune I love playing at gigs.  Hope you enjoy it too!!

30 day challenge...this shit is HARD!

Right peeps.  Honesty is always my best fucking policy.  

I FUCKED IT!  I missed my deadline.  My 30 days elapsed on Tuesday and I have 7 videos to go...SOOOOO what do we do when we miss the mark?  We keep…

30 days of Video Challenge: Day 2

WELCOME to day 2 of my 30 day YouTube Challenge! I am posting a new video each day for the next month - hit subscribe and join in the ginger banter :) 

Check out Day 1 - 

30 Day Video Challenge!!! (Starts 15th August!)

I missed my Monday Blog!  OOPS! 

This week has been a busy one!  First, I flew back to Scotland on Monday afternoon for a hospital appointment (nothing serious!).  It was SO good to get home, even just for a couple…