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Does touring make a difference?

Yes, yes it does.

I am currently sitting in the sunny beer garden of a pub in London Fields, wearing a faux-fur lined leather jacket and sipping on a red wine LIKE A FUCKING LADY BOSS. 

If only…

Living Room Concerts: The Low Down

Living Room Concerts: The Low Down

Hello from beautiful Bristol!  I love this city.  It is where my boyfriend lived when we first met and we tried doing the London-Bristol thing for a bit.  It didn't work so we…

How to get FREE pants on tour!

Have a look inside my tour bag!  AND how to get free pants :)

I am shit at packing as you will soon see.  But if you are heading off on tour and don't know what the fuck to…

My five top tips for "Booking a DIY tour”!

Calm it Janet!  I know!  I feel ya! It's so stressful getting a DIY tour together, especially when you doing it alone.  BUT HAVE NO FEAR!  You are not actually alone!

I am, right this minute, booking up my third…