Thoughts from the road.

Hey pals,

It's been an ace week, the Born In Winter UK Tour has been on the road for 7 days and I have played 6 gigs in that time.  I am fucking knackered today.  Sitting in a cafe in St Alban's on my day off just letting my bones rest.  I always have grand plans to get tons of work done but all I ever really want to do in this situation blog.  Just record my thoughts, share them, reflect and try to digest. 

It's the travelling that always gets you when touring.  The shows on their own are more than doable but I am stripping off my skin each night, trying to remain true to my heart when I sing these songs. That is tiring and a 10am hotel check out with a 5 hour drive before the next show really takes it's toll.  It's got to be done. 

It's been so obvious to me that I am a lot healthier and fitter than I was on my last tour (April 2016).  April I had JUST turned the corner from a viral infection and chronic laryngitis and tonsillitis.  Basically my throat was well and truly fucked up for around 4 months.  It made me lose my whole upper register in my voice and left me feeling so drained and really down.  My whole body was just shitty that time.  Now, although tired, I am so HAPPY to be back to my normal self again and singing stronger than ever.  I also have a handful of brand new songs on this tour and they have been a real pleasure to share with you all. 

Thank you to everyone that has came to a show so far, let me stay with them, gave me food and bought me CDs.  It's ace! 

I was chatting to my man today, talking about how important it is to always try and turn a negative situation into a positive one.  We came to the conclusion that it is only with an attitude of gratitude that this can be done.  And so, I try to remind myself of how lucky I am each day and especially in moments of feeling hard done by and negativity.  We all have those poor me thoughts but we should see them as lies. 

You are what you tell yourself. 

Of course, stuff can be thrown at you that is so incredibly painful that it disables you on an emotional and spiritual level, but even then there is a choice.  The most inspiring people I have ever met are the ones who have been through so much pain, I cannot even comprehend, and yet wake up each day and face the world with true courage and honesty. 

Fuck your PR.  Fuck your shiny life.  Life isn't shiny and NO ONE has this thing sorted out.  We are all constantly getting punched in the face by life on some level and the sooner we realise that and start appreciating that in each other, well then the world might be a nicer place? 

Fucking hell, America, who knows what we will wake up to tomorrow.  What I fear most is the inevitable.  No matter who is elected there will be so many who continue to hate, to make the world harder for each other, who refuse to acknowledge this universal struggle that is just being alive and WE are the lucky ones.  Our struggle is the car not starting before work.  I mean come on tae fuck. 

I love this place, this rock, us, and I am so lucky to have been placed on it when I was and be the colour I am.  Fuck, I am so lucky it actually stinks and the smell makes me feel sick. 

Let's make a promise to each other?  I promise I will do everything I can to spread good vibes, to be kind, to help and to always ALWAYS be honest with myself and with you.  You in? 

Thanks for reading my tired thoughts from the road. 


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