What's been going on!

I am sitting in my wee flat at the window looking across the street.  The September sun is shining down and I cannot stop smiling!

I was in the studio yesterday with Cosmo House recording for my track "Run, Don't Walk" (there is a YouTube video of it here).  The results sound so good!  Such easy people to work with, both of them, Fe and Dani, have such enthusiasm which can be a rare thing to find in this city at times.  We were in the studio until late, pounding it out, eating copious amounts of bananas to stay energised!  (It's a Dani thing...)

Last week Rodrigo Braga was BACK in the studio laying down yet more monstrous guitar parts.  As with Cosmo House, Rod has tons of ideas - sometimes too many - and the results, well there isn't much I can say except they FUCKING ROCK.  Now I am feeling this album taking shape, it is morphing from a stick cocoon of swirling ideas, breaking out and stretching it's legs and starting to scream.  I can wait scream with it!

I've said it before but I don't fucking care, I am so unbelievable lucky to have these talents around me, all totally up for coming along for a ride.  It's amazing.  

I'd say it will be closer to the end of the year before I have all the recordings done, until then I am so enjoying the studio and exploring my own music with people I truly respect and admire.  AW YOU GUYS!

R x 


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