Updates all round!

Hi everyone, 

It’s been a while!  I say that every blog post don’t I?  Well, it’s true, it has. 

As you may know, after the release of Identify Yourself, my debut album, I experienced some very real burn out.  My body, mind and spirit was tired and sad so I took a break.  It was SO HARD to just stop.  But fucking hell I am so glad I did.  My whole life has changed during that time.  My career has simplified and I have managed to truly connect with my values and the ‘why’ behind my music.  I am now upping the creation and output of my work and it’s feeling so goooooood! 

Last weekend was the busiest weekend for a long while - I played two awesome shows.  Huge shout out to The Katet who had me as their support on Friday night’s gig at The Hug and Pint in Glasgow.  Such a fun show and I even played a couple of songs on stage with them (eeeek!). 

Check out a review of the gig from the awesome Jason Small HERE

Really loved the whole night and it re energised me SO MUCH to get back into gigging again.  After a full on lazy day on Saturday (much needed new addition to my life, these lazy days) I headed up north to the town of Ardfern to play Craignish Town Hall on Sunday afternoon. 

The night was put on by John Saich - a songwriter and bass player (and ex member of Capercaillie!).  It was an intimate show which fed my soul.  Afterwards we had a lot of wonderful conversations about mental health and shared our own experiences with each other. 

Today I am working at my day job (YES!  I have one of those now…kind of!  Another change from my burnout break) but I am also working on a new Christmas show!  More on that later but it will be showing in Glasgow from 7-9th Dec at the amazing Dream Machine. 

^^ my day job office is pretty fun though!

More news coming soon on Christmas show, pattern, new music, a podcast (whaaaat!) and online gigs!

I hope you are all well and happy.  If you want to share what your recent experiences in life have been please always feel free to do so with me. 

Lots of love, 

Rosie x

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