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Post gig buzz, it's 2 am and I can't even think about sleeping.  Tonight I played what I think was one of the best gigs my band have ever played.  I am in so much pain from all the head banging.  I was such a sweaty mess on that stage but it was ace! 

This week has been a bit weird.  I woke up on Wednesday with the blues and haven't been able to shake them off.  Like a monkey on my back, I am also an over emotional, snsitive person.  Ask any of my family.  I am crier alright.  So I have cried this week, a lot!  I feel like something has to come out of me, everytime I play anything on the piano I start to cry. Pfffft I don't know.  Do you get like that?  Does everyone?  The blues just hit for no real reason?  So anyway, in an attempt to feel brighter I made a huge diagram of 'my life' and it actually made me feel TONS BETTER.  I titled it "My Wonderful Life" and wrote down all the amazing things that I am so lucky to have.  Number one on that list is my amazing boyfriend.  What a guy.

I want to share my wonderful life with you all but I feel this album is definately not the wonderful side I am looking for.  This album is a list of scars with a few tiny smidgens of wonderful life in there but mainly battle scars.  Maybe a change in direction... although I do find it hard to write when I am happy and SO FUCKING EASY to write when I am pissed off.  When I am angry or frustrated the first thing I think of doing is writing a song.  Hmmmm... maybe not.

Anyway, this is my 2am ramble.  If you read it then I am sorry for taking that 20 seconds of your time from you.  Take a song from me to make up for it :) 

R xxxxx

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