Touring, Pledge Campaign, and Debut ALBUM

HELLO!  It's been an age since I last blogged!  Things have been moving at break neck speed for the past 6 months, we are at July already and it feels like I haven't even sat down!

As you may know I have just came back from a month of touring around the UK and Germany.  I was on the road with Anna MacDonald and Mike Nisbet, two exceptional songwriters and artists.  Between the three of us we organised, managed and financed the whole thing.  As three passionate and hard working DIY musicians we had the BEST TIME EVER on tour and have really learned how we work best together.  With three people there is always someone there to pick up the ball if you drop it, if you miss something they will catch it, and vice versa.  

The UK leg of the tour was amazing!  Three weeks of travelling and visiting cities and towns on our beautiful island! 

Then we headed over to Germany for just over a week of shows.  It was my first time playing in Germany, and show number one was in Berlin.  I had visited Berlin in March of this year and HATED IT.  I hated it.  I just did not like the place at all.  I have come to realise my lack of enjoyment was due to me projecting a lot of negative feelings I had at the time onto the city.  Our first gig there was amazing, then the second day there we wandered and got to know the city and some other musicians.  I am pleased to say that my prior opinion has been well and truly squashed and I am almost in love with the city of Berlin.  I can't wait to head back soon for some more gigs!

The best part of touring is that your mind is totally open, your routine is different each day and this makes new opportunities become so obvious!  You are also showing the world that you are serious enough about your art that you are willing to take it to them and I think people appreciate that effort and like to listen.  

SOOOOO!!!! We have been back home for a couple of weeks now, but obviously won't be staying put for too long, so The artPACKT Collective would like to announce their pledge campaign!

We are going to hold an Online House Gig and announce WHY we are doing a pledge campaign and WHAT you can expect from it all!  It's al so very exciting as we have never done anything like this before and can't wait to share it all with you!  The show will start around 8pm on Monday the 14th of July, keep you eyes open on Facebook for the link as well!


Lastly, I wanted to update you on the ALBUM!

Remember?  I spent an entire year in the studio working on this album and it is very nearly DONE!  Yipeee!!!!  I am looking at December as a release date, all in time for Christmas and those stockings of yours :)  It is an 11 track record, all original songs by moi!  As it's my first ever CD the songs span back a good 2-3 years so it's rich in Bans history and as always is filled with angst!  

Okay, not much else I can't tell you except watch the house gig online on the 14th and we can reveal all our new plans to you!!! 

See you there!!

Rosie xxxxx

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  • Jonas
    Jonas London
    Oh darn!!! This is exciting! :D

    Oh darn!!! This is exciting! biggrin

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