Three free days

Oh my god, I've discovered this new thing right, it involves not doing anything and it's totally amazing!

Last week I had a fit - I looked at my calandar and saw I had three, THREE! days where there was nothing scheduled in.  I pure freaked my nut man!  It genuinely put the fear in my heart.  What will I do? How will I cope?  WHY HAVE I NO WORK?!  Then after a breif lie down and a little chocolate I composed myself and saw it for what it is.  FREE TIME.  Time I can use however the hell I want!  I chose to use it meeting up with friends, spending time with my boyfriend like an actual real life couple, baking, cooking, eating, walking, reading, ignoring my inbox (hard, but oh so good!).  I actually crammed a lot into those three free days, they felt like a gift I was given and I totally enjoyed them!  

So this week I have decided to abandon my usual self made schedule (i print out a timetable every week, and block in my daily activities, even when I am going to make lunch... I know, I am anal like that) and just make a list of three things I want to get done each day, and that's it.  Once they are done I am done, and the time that's left is mines again.  This blog is number 2 of 3 on today's list, and it's only 1pm.

Anyway, i thought i'd share my revelation with you, you don't need to be constanly feeling like you are running out of time, you can kinda make it stand still if you just stop what you are doing and breathe for a little bit.  Things can always wait, and by taking a step back you reframe it all.  Those pesky emails are NOT the most important thing in your life they CAN wait.   Ahhhhhhhh....NOICE!

I have FOUR (eeeek) session left on the album.  Only four and then the recording is all done.  I can feel 2013 drawing in, like drawing the curtains on a cold November night, making everything cosy, warm and safe.  I can't wait until I get bakc home for Christmas, share time with my loved ones and I am making a vow right now to use my time with a little more heart, i need to connect with more people and take the reigns off every now and then :)

I will leave you all with this...THE CHRISTMAS BUNTING.  My and my good friend Lousie (who is playing a show at the London Jazz festival TONIGHT!!  Please check out this amazing talented woman!) started on this bunting last night!! Updates on instagram (@rosiebans)! 

Thanks for reading!!! Talk soon pals xxxxx

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