The morning after...

Well it's more like the week after.  And a day.  A week ago yesterday I released BE BOLD to the WUUURLLD! 

Have you ever worked on something for aaaages, let it take over your brain and then just  It's fucking horrific man.  I had so much fear that the release would come and go without so much as a sneeze or fart in it's direction.  well WELL I WAS PROPER WRONG!

About a week before my release I randomly received an email from a lady called Jess asking if I'd be interested in playing at Redhead Day UK in June.  My site tag line is "Singer, Songwriter and Ginger" and someone once told me to take that off.  CAN YOU BELIEVE!?  So glad I never listened to that chump. Jess got in touch about this event happening in Manchester on the 7th June.  There is a large convention over in Holland in September where thousands of redheads get together and celebrate being ginger :)  Jess has brought this over to the UK and I almost peed myself with excitement.  Unfortunately I am already playing that night on tour in Scotland - total bummer BUT I  really wanted to be part of it somehow.

When I was in school, about aged 13, with hormones flying all over the shop, discovering boys and all that shit I'd be asked questions like "are your pubes ginger?" or just "show us your pubes" my pubes got a ton of attention.  You could imagine my face.  It would GLOW as red as my hair.  It was on fire burning up!  HOW DARE THEY I thought, I am a GIRL and they shouldn't ask girls that!  Anyway, that was mild compared to what some kids get but it sticks, and it does hurt at the time.  Once I grew my lady balls I realised I had a bit of wit about me, embraced my ginger locks and told all the dickheads to fuck right off.

So back to my story...I told Jess I was on tour but wanted to be part of it then BOOOM and idea struck me down!  (happens every now and then!) I asked Jess if she would be up for putting the E.P. on pre release exclusive from her website for redheads.  I made a secret wee page on my site and gave her readers a redheads rule password.  Within hours the E.P. was being downloaded, and it kept happening!  Over 100 downloads, that's more than I've ever had in like THREE YEARS.  So I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to Jess for helping me out and being connected and interested in my music.  
Jess runs a site Everything For Redheads - she sent me this shampoo and conditioner :)  ABSO AMAZING!

Jess also runs Everything for Redheads and sent me these lovely bottles of shampoo and conditioner - SOOO amazing! :)

Please go check out Redhead Day UK, and if you'd like to go along they are doing a wee bit of fundraising to make it really special!  Bring Factor 50.

Through Jess I met Barry!  Barry is also involved with Redhead Day UK and runs Ginger With Attitude!  It's fantastic!  I love this site and all the merch on it.  After knowing Barry (online) for less than a couple of days we were on the phone chatting about music and other ginger stuffs!  

I love that about the internet, I can connect with anyone anywhere and all it takes is a common interest or passion, and music is usually that very thing.

SO!  Back to the E.P.!!!! 


I was photographed by Jamie Drew at him home studio back in March.  Jamie is one serious talent, and such a lovely person.  So easy to work with and chat to and just has such a genuine personality!  

I had the 'gold' idea for a while, at first I was thinking lots of colour then I bought a beautiful black and gold jacket and just loved the vibe and contrast.  Black, gold and ginger.  That was my colour scheme set!  I smeared it over me like war paint, but the gold gives it an elegance and shine that suggests something else.  ART INNIT!  A war with what?  I don't fucking know.  A war with all the people in my songs.

So I spent 9 hours getting ICE COLD paint put all over my face and body by my love, Mike Nisbet.  He is such a trooper, and an exceptional reflector holder too.  Whodathunkit?!  

The paint was piled on thicker and thicker then we wrote a ton of lyrics from my album all over my face.  I LOVE the tribal look it has, and think it fits in so well with Be Bold and it's message.  When I first saw the final prints I was so utter shocked at how amazing they were.  JOB DONE!!!  

So the E.P. is out, and it's totally free.  If you want it all I ask for is your email address.  Your email address and support is worth so much, and I hope you not only enjoy the E.P. but also all stay in touch with me and keep connecting!!  Thanks to Paul Scott Bates and Guy Sangster Adams for reviewing it, and being so utterly kind and generous with their words.  I even got a free badge out of it.  HELLO!!!

MY FREE BADGE from @hiapop!! :)

I am on the road from the 23rd May - 27th June this year, all the tour dates are kicking around the site and if you manage to make any shows let's hang out afterwards and talk about shit.  Seriously.  It's the only reason I do any of this!  

Comment, share, or just read, either way I am always grateful.  I also got free wine to take home from my gig tonight, so I've already won in a way.

Ginger love ! R xxxxx


  • Paul Scott - Bates
    Paul Scott - Bates Rossendale, Lancashire
    Oh Wow! Thanks for the mention Rosie! Loving Be Bold. Thanks for wearing my badge! Love and shiz. Paul @hiapop x

    Oh Wow! Thanks for the mention Rosie!
    Loving Be Bold.
    Thanks for wearing my badge!
    Love and shiz.
    Paul @hiapop

  • Rosie Bans
    Rosie Bans
    You're welcome Paul!! Thanks for all the support!!! :) xxxxx

    You're welcome Paul!! Thanks for all the support!!! smile xxxxx

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