The last push: Spring 2016 Tour Update

I am sitting in KaffeeKuche in Munich listening to Mike Nisbet playing his wonderful music.  THE POWER JUST CUT OUT, and obviously like a pro he deals with it by just making a joke, reconnecting and taking things up from where he left off.  He is one of the most prolific musicians I have ever met not to mention one of my bestest pals.  We have been through a lot together and his songs are part of the fabric of my life.  I was even in the next room during some of their conceptions.  That's special. 

This is the penultimate gig of our month long tour.  We, as artPACKT, have travelled through Scotland, England, Wales, Holland, Belgium and now Germany, Munich.  I am super tired however my German has improved greatly this week so I am happy.  I am no less skint than I was when I started but I have been paid in generosity, amazing cake and tea, food, hospitality and attention.  I hope my music was enjoyed by folk, to everyone that bought a CD THANK YOU - you don't know how nice it feels to go home with a lighter load :)  I am full of inspiration, ideas and dreams about where to take my music next.  I am thinking loud, banging and kick ass?  YEAH! 

Also, I GET TO SEE MY BOYFRIEND SOON!  I am so ecstatic about this fact.  He is one amazing hilarious and loving human, and I have missed him.  He will be coming along to our last gig in London at David's house gig in Camden. 

If you'd like to come along to this then please message me on Facebook and I can give you details.  

Next month I have a ton of exciting stuff to show you but until then, SERVUS from Bavaria!!! 

Rosie xxx

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    This is also awesome! :)

    This is also awesome! smile

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