The importance of being nice...(it's also WEEK TWO of my albums shizz!)

 Oh I am in SCOTCHLAND right now.  I love being home, I sometimes complain that London is too sunny, Londoners look at me like I am some kind of cave dwelling creature that has never seen the light of day.  But Scotland has this sort of cloudy, greyish wash all over it that I just love!  I love the drizzle (fo'shizzle), when it's raining but IT'S REALLY SHIT RAIN...mmm.... not a fan of sun, in case you haven't noticed with my transparent complextion.  Anyway, being home means family and old friends.  If that fills you with warmth and joy I envy you.  It fills me with fear.  All families are a little mental, my family is a lot mental.  My old friends are gorgeous, beautful, wonderful people who I respect and love with all my heart but I find it a little hard to connect with some them sometimes because they are from, and still live in 'then', which is absolutely fine but I live in my 'now' - which is a world apart.

But this time I have had a lot of welcome distraction from the chaos around me.  I met a bunch of new artists, went and WATCHED some gigs (omfg) which is an amazing thing to do!  I rarely go see, I usually go play.  Really good music, such talent you feel yourself just staring taking it all in.  I loved it all!  I am a social creature.  Those of you that know me know I TALK and I talk quite openly about mostly everything.  I am probably someone that talks too much, YES I DEFINATELY AM that someone.  I suppose it's just being nice.  Being nice to each other doesn't need to mean over politeness that is, as Amanda Palmer would say, 'So polite it's offensive' (from the song Leeds United - GO LISTEN).  But cracking a joke to a stranger that involves calling them a dickhead, being a little nasty is just not funny, or nice.  Maybe if you are hardened pals you will 'get it' but not with a total stranger.  You need to make an effort, no?  Well I do.  I need to make the effort because I want to love you and I want you to love me too.  I would be MORTIFIED if I hurt someones feelings and could have avoided it, just for a wee joke.  And how amazing is learning about someone?  Hearing about their experiences and their opinions.  It is beautiful.

I am travelling back to London today, getting the brain back in gear.  I have pitched my artwork idea whilst being up north, I need to send a couple of photos along and then it will become a reality!  I am so excited to see the end result and will send a wee special sneak preview email to the mailing list members... it's gonna be rad!  Studios are booked and I have been gathering musicians, I feel like I am stealing them away one by one for my secret plans.  As usual all updated are readily availble on Twitter and Facebook, as is very questionalble chat so get connected and get involved!

And one last thing.  My good pal Erin Todd (go check her out, amazing singer songwriter!) gave me a 'saw this and thought of you' pressie whilst I was up!  I think it is very fitting indeed! 

Until next time....

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