Have not been on my side recently.  Nuh UH.  On Friday I headed into Stratford with the intentions of pounding a whole day out on the old laptop, blog included, before my gig that night.  I bought my culpa, got settled in, opened the laptop AAAAAAAAND...... then it died.  At that EXACT moment I remembered I had forgot to pack the charger.  All was not lost! I had my phone with me, although limited I can still do various bits and bobs, emails on it.  NO.  NO I COULDN'T.  cos that ran out of battery too and the I also didn't have the charger.  MASSIVE HUGE JUICY FAIL.  The weekend was a little insane what with it being Burn's night on Saturday.  The band played an ace gig on Sat night for Arthritis Care at The Victory Services Club on Edgeware road - it was sweaty and super fun!  

So as I was sans devices I wrote an acoustic blog post.  I have digified it for your reading pleasure :)  Don't slag my writing :) 

So I will be seeing you all on the 30th for the online house gig with Anna and Mike :)  And more info about mine and Izo's evening of arty muso lady joy coming soon! 

Mucho love bubbles! 
R xxxxxx


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