I am no doctor but I know that sugar is not the best thing for your body that you can eat.  Unfortunately my brain and taste buds gang up on my body and tell me it is, and then I try and ignore them they get louder and taunt faster until I am sitting there with an empty packet of Oreos in front of me.
I love sugar.  Sugar and sweetness make me feel happy.  I love cake and chocolate and brownies and cookies.  I love all of it.
Last year I had a few serious binges, I made myself physically sick not sleeping and lying awake all night feeling terrible and wiping whole days off my week because of it, so I suppose my innocent love of sugar was turning into something a little more sinister.  
I wrote this song about how I was feeling.  I wrote it after a particularly delicious, long and stressful brownie binge - there was around 250g of sugar on that tray, and most of that tray was in my belly.
The song also has another side to it.  It is about a particular person too.  A lover that has gone wrong, is violent and the relationship is more of an addiction than a want.  The feeling of betrayal you have against yourself after tasting something so sweet but KNOWING that it is bad for you.  The more you have, the stronger the cravings, the more you want.
I hope you enjoy the song!

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