Rosie Bans' new E.P. Opia is out two weeks today!


Only two weeks left to pre-order my newest E.P. Opia!  Why not have a listen to it IN FULL over at Louder Than War, then pop along to Bandcamp and grab your copy!

So much has been going on in my life recently, all good and all moving forward but to be really honest, all fucking terrifying.  Taking things in my stride has never been my default setting.  The past two years have really shook things for me and anxiety, ANXIETY argh I fucking hate her!!  But she rips my stomach open in the middle of the night and I can't seem to shake her until morning.  I think have always been an anxious person, always jumping to the worst case scenarios and worry about everything.  Everything.  It's where so much of my energy comes from.  Ruminating and creating alternative realities in my mind.  I wish with all my heart I could be a natural optimist but I was trained to be a pessimist.  It's made me a good touring musician as I always take care of the details but sometimes I can lose my own sense of who I am in it all. 

Writing and music have been a constant in my life since a young age but they slipped away from beneath me over the past 24 months.  During the worst of my depression I did not want music at all.  A friend told me I had just abandoned music but I just didn't want music anymore.  Do you know how freaky that feels? Not wanting the one thing that you have been working with your entire life.  It was so simple, so pure, like not wanting a cup of tea.  Meh.  Whatever, don't care.  That's how it felt.

Although I can say I am no longer depressed (thank fuck) I am still recovering and rekindling that flame for writing and for music.  At times I feel so disconnected from the music I am creating.

Opia was written at a time of my life where I felt the strongest, the safest, the most honest.  Before therapy, before depression, just when I decided I was going to "do this solo artist thing".  I hope you feel that in these songs.  And if you don't I hope the love I have inside for music comes across.  And if it doesn't I hope you just enjoy the sounds and that they make you feel something. 

Thanks for reading xxx

Today's photo; the sun setting over Temeplhofer Feld.  Beautiful.

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