REVIEW: Small Music Scene: Rosie Bans supporting The Katet, Hug and Pint, 9th Nov 2018

Check out this AMAZING review from Small Music Scene.  Thanks to Jason for coming along to the gig and taking time to write these words.  It makes a huge difference to independent artists like myself!

SMALL GIG REPORT | The Katet – The Hug & Pint (09.11.18)

For a number of years now, we have been enamoured by Rosie Bans and her music, but in all that time, we never actually had the pleasure of meeting and seeing her live until this very night, and the wait couldn’t have been any more worth it. 

Rosie proved to be a woman of many talents, and there were 4 in particular that we could pinpoint. Firstly, her voice is astounding, being so pure and powerfully echoing around the room. Secondly, she is an utterly slick pianist, being able to jump from key to key in a flash with such poise. 

Third, her lyrics are engrossing and featured relatable themes, with highlights in this area including Instincts, Home and Kindness. And lastly, even her anecdotes between songs were interesting. It had never occurred to us that she is a natural storyteller, and whether it’s about the smell of Berlin or her screaming ovaries, we could listen to her for hours. 

She may be a compulsive oversharer, but damn is she an amazing performer. Keeping the audience entranced throughout, it was a mesmerising display from one of Scotland’s most underappreciated artists.


photo: John Saichs

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