So, right now what I should be doing:

1. Writing out a set list for a gig
2. Warming up my voice for a gig
3. Packing my bag, for a gig
4. Getting ready.  For a gig.

What I am doing instead:

1. Drinking tea and googling myself.  (not a euphemism) 

I gig a lot, its my job I do it for a living.  It pays the bill and puts food in my tummy.  Recently though I've been finding the thought of waking up, doing some stuff (you know, that stuff you need to do like shopping and cleaning the loo etc....) then going out to play a gig a little daunting.  I've always tried to keep my 'work' i.e. playing at functions, weddings, bars, hotels and my own music, Rosie Bans Singer Songwriter separate, however now they have all became one big smelly bum gig!

SO, I am taking a break.  Not from work (cos, well, I can't).  But from my own music.  Gigging the unsigned singer songwriter circuit around London is cool, it can be fun, but mostly its full of people I don't want to meet and venues I don't want to be in.  Cos they are shite.  So, I've got a plan...  I'll tell you.  It involves interviews, videos and demos.  Radio play and TV, everything else that I don't have time to do cos I am gigging.

Oh and updates to my wee bloggy - something I've neglected for the past few months!


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