Presenting 'SNOW GLOBE: A true Christmas Story'

The MOST exciting news!  I have written a Christmas show!

I am teaming up with The Dream Machine to bring you Snow Globe: a true Christmas Story.  The Dream Machine is a non profit social enterprise bringing down barriers of engagement using interactive arts and expression, based in Glasgow’s East End. 

Snow Globe tells the story of a mother and her struggles with mental health as she juggles work demands, family pressures and raising a son she adores at Christmas time. 

Stephen Buckley, Head of Information at mental health charity Mind, says: “Coping with a mental health problem can be difficult at any time of year but at Christmas there are special demands that can leave you feeling worse than usual. Our research shows that people are struggling due to the stress, financial impact and pressure to join in when everyone around you seems to be having fun.” 

The day-in-the-life story depicts her deep in the grip of anxiety and panic - trapped in a snow globe of her own perceptions.  

One part live gig, one part old fashioned story telling and one part audio-visual sensory immersion.  This almost-theatre show will remind you of what is truly important at Christmas time. 

So I invite you to come and be immersed in heart wrenching music, gorgeous projected visuals and live piano all in the unique setting of The Dream Machine. 

Tickets are £10 but if you cannot afford that please email me at and we can sort you out.  

Rosie x

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