Opia is now available to PRE ORDER and is now streaming on Louder Than War!

I am super excited to announce that Opia is now available to PRE ORDER from Bandcamp!  WOOOOOOO!

CLICK HERE and go order your copy FIRST! Woo hoooooOOOoooOO!

There is a whole bunch of merch there for you too look at as well, who doesn't want some real life stuff?! :) 

Like most independent musicians I do all of this myself.  Like ALL of it.  (Like THIS)  SO I am delighted to announce that the whole E.P. is now streaming on Louder Than War for the month of July!!

(THANK YOU to Paul Scott-Bates for all the support!!  Oh also Paul has poetry book coming out, please go and check it out HERE!

The E.P. is out on August 1st so you will get all your goodies during August!! YES! WOOO!

Thank you for all your support.  I love you!  xx


I really do love you all readers!  Please check out my music here.  If you love me back then you can totally support my independent music further by donating here.  I am unbelievably grateful for any and all donations I receive!   

Please connect with me over on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube where you can get the latest scoop on my music, gigs and general amazing banter.  (Banter quality may vary) 

And, as always, THANK YOU! 

Rosie xxx


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