On Tour!

Hello pals!!! 

I'm currently sitting in my wee golf, taking a short break whilst on tour with the artPACKT crew!

The tour so far has been AMAZING!  Seriously, we are counting ourselves so so lucky right now.  People are coming out to the shows, engaging with the music and the response we have gotten at most gigs have been really positive so far.

I consider myself seriously lucky to get to tour with two of my best pals and two super talented individuals.  Between the three of us we are proud to have sculpted a well rounded and engaging show, complete with mega shit banter between sets and a good old fashioned sing along at the end.

On a personal level I feel like I have really hit a mark on this tour.  I fully understand my reasons for doing this, for doing music.  My over all message is more solid now that it has ever been and when I am sitting on that stage I am doing so giving no fucks whatsoever.

In the past I have felt a need to justify my message, and the slap-in-the-face delivery I enjoy so much.  As a result, all that explaining made me feel like I was being a bit of a rebel just by being me but the truth is I am not a fucking rebel.  We live in a weird world when being TRULY yourself in front of a room of people, expressing your art, is considered a rebellious or crazy act.  It's not rebellious or crazy.  It is necessary and brave.

So I am enjoying this ride and really don't want it to stop.  The great thing is THIS IS MY FUCKING JOB.  I get to sleep at night knowing that this is what I DO and what I do is what I love.  That is more than enough.

Rosie x

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