New video session, back in the studio, online gigs and HOUSE CONCERT TOUR!!

BAM!  Shit loads to go on about on this post...will I fit it all in  OF COURSE I WILL!

So last week I recored a wee video sesh of one of my newest songs!  Check it out!

I was also back in the studio with Rod Braga who was laying down the SMACK DOWN with his axe!  YES!  The guitars are souinding heavy as fuck and the epicness was sometimes a little bit overwhelming.  I DON'T PLAY GUITAR!  so it's so refreshing to get some guitar led songs on the record, a lovely break from piano piano piano!!!

The lights in the studio went a little weird and sarted flashing, we were pretty sure it was the guitar that was too hardcore EVEN FOR THE LIGHTS!  So we recorded the rest of the session in the dark.  It was pretty cool!

Such an ace night!!!  It's getting there, I am so excited each week I am closer and closer to the end goal and its just so satisfying seeing and hearing it all coming together!

So in celebration I have teamed up with a couple of other artists, Fit and the Conniptions and Cosmo House (go check 'em out! They are the tits! Brilliant!) We are heading off on tour this Autum!  YEY FOR TOUR!  A tour with a twist.  We are doing a house concert tour.  It's an open invitation!  If you want to host a gig for us please feel free to get in touch, all you need is a spacious enough front room and some mates that are up for a whole night of ace music and banter!!!

To kick everythig off we are streaming a gig in MY VERY OWN HOUSE!!  It will be streamed live on on MONDAY 12th @ 7.30PM UK time.  Please pop by and say hello and let us know what you think of our tunes.  We hope you will join and enjoy!!!

More details to follow on the next blog so keep checking back, hget me on Twitter and Facebook so you will never miss an update again!!!!!

Peace and love!! R XXXXXX

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