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Howdy Ho beauties!

So as you may or may not be aware I run and play in an incredible ceilidh and function band.  This year our booking have sky rocketed and we are so lucky to be able to say we are one of the most in demand bands of the South East at the moment.  (can you tell I am proud!?)

The wonderful musicians that play with us put in so much hard work and I thought a wee "Day in the life" blog was in order to let anyone that was interested see what else is involved in playing at a wedding or party!

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A day in the life of a Ceilidh and Function Band!

Have you ever booked a band before? For a party or a wedding? Perhaps you have just recently booked up your band or are in the process of searching for the perfect band for you?

Have you ever wondered what it is the musicians get up to before they are presented on stage in front of you? How they prepare? How they warm up?

Well, here is a little snap shot of behind the scenes of a busy London Ceilidh and function band, my band, The Timorous Beasties!


Today we are heading from London to play at the wonderful Jo and Dave’s wedding in Frome, Somerset. It is a long drive ahead and I am designated driver for the band. So first thing on the agenda for me is a good brekkie in my system. I get up at 8am and fuel with some eggs, toast and of course tea!

A little snap shot of our journey ahead!

After getting ready, making up my packed lunch for the journey and warming up my voice I head out to pick up the “Beastie Bus” from the garage. It’s a 7 seater MPV, spacious, luxurious (although it does take all four of us to actually get all the gear into the boot, and to make it STAY in the boot!)

These boots are made for the garage...

I make my way from the garage and pick up the band members en route, by the time we are all in the van it is 2.30pm (London traffic!) and we are ready to hit the motorway! After a brief discussion, whilst on a roundabout, regarding the best route to take we opt for the M4 and head out towards the west!

Now it’s pit stop time! We get ourselves parked up and head inside Reading Services. Being in a function band not only means you get to play in some of the most exceptional and beautiful wedding venues in the country but you also get to experience a vast majority of the motorway services as well. (My personal favourite? Well, it has to be Welcome Break on the M3 between J4a and J5!).

A healthy packed lunch...and a sneaky wee choc bar too!

Another two hours drive and we finally reach our destination at 6pm, Orchardleigh House, Frome.

Orchadleigh House

WOW! What a venue! the whole manor house has been rented for the evening and the one thing that is all on our minds at this point is, dinner! Our lovely clients have laid on a brilliant spread for us, stew! To top it off we get pudding as well, always grateful received and quickly demolished!

Believe it or not, that's his happy face!

Once we eat, we get changed, set up, soundcheck and then wait for our cue to go one stage. I find a cosy little room in the manor to warm up my voice again. The sounds one makes whilst warming up are unusual at best however very necessary!

It takes around two hours to set everything up and sound check and our performance time for the night is 8.30pm. It is quite usual for the dinner service at a wedding to run a little later than originally planned so we always make sure we arrive nice and early, set up and prepare for any situation. It’s a perfect excuse for me to explore and take some pics of the beautiful venue!


This is it, this is what we have all been preparing for. It’s the moment I have been organising with our clients to make sure it is just perfect. What a blast! The dance floor was packed all night long and everyone was exhausted by the end! Job done, as they say!

The gig finished at midnight and we pack up all our gear, get back into the “Beastie Bus” and set oof on the journey back to London!

What a night! I arrive home at 5am after dropping off the guys and lay my head down to a well deserved rest after a brilliant night of playing music!

Home Time!!!

If you would like to know more about what is involved with being in a band, or perhaps looking to book up a ceilidh band please do get in touch at info @ or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

by Rosie Bans

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