My weird last few weeks.

I used to live in a shop.  It was a lovely little vintage furniture shop - I think about it now with really fond memories.  It meant something to me living there, it was my own space.  I had SPACE.  I don't live in the shop anymore, I live in a flat share around the corner and down the road a bit from it.  I thought it was going to excellent, but it's not. I moved out the shop to my flatshare on the 7th May and will be moving out my flatshare to my own flat on the 15th June.  

Im finding people really difficult these days.  So I'm in my bed, dog tired, in total silence (something I have been missing) but its not really silence is it?  I can hear cars going by, some folk talking on the corner, a really annoying fan from a shop at the back rattling away.  So, as far as living in the biggest city in the UK goes, I'm sitting in silence.

My life feels weird to me just now.  I feel like I'm kinda on the outside looking in, that my experiences and emotions (mainly frustration, anger and disappointment) of living where I am just now are all so intense that I can't quite process them, so I'm sort of floating above it all.  Maybe I'm just too tired.  

I'm taking a week off the album, I'm forgetting about it or trying to for a whole week.  I'm on reserve battery right now so sleep is the only cure.

goodnight x

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