Do you know the song?


I've been wi' a couple o' cronies, 
One or two pals o' my ain; 
We went in a hotel, and we did very well, 
And then we came out once again; 
Then we went into anither, 
And that is the reason I'm fu'; 
We had six deoch-an-doruses, then sang a chorus, 
Just listen, I'll sing it to you: 

I belong to Glasgow, 
Dear old Glasgow town; 
But what's the matter wi' Glasgow, 
For it's goin' roun' and roun'! 
I'm only a common old working chap, 
As anyone here can see, 
But when I get a couple o' drinks on a Saturday, 
Glasgow belongs to me! 

There's nothing in keeping your money, 
And saving a shilling or two; 
If you've nothing to spend, then you've nothing to lend, 
Why that's all the better for you! 
There no harm in taking a drappie, 
It ends all your trouble and strife; 
It gives ye the feeling that when you get home, 
You don't give a hang for the wife!

It's Valentine's Day!  FUCK VALENTINES DAY!  YEAAAAH! 

Haha only joking!  Do you celebrate it?  I don't really.  I mean, I said "happy v day" to my boyfriend this morning but I actually replaced the V wth vagina in my head for giggles.  Worked a treat.  (It's the little things guys!) 

I'd like to draw you attention to my ONLINE STREAM happening tomorrow night at 7pm.  I am going to do one of these every week until I can't be bothered.  They will all involve music and chat.  Get involved, subscribe to my YouTube Channel and sign up to my mailing list at for all major info about my music! 

In other news, I have been working hard behind the scenes setting up my own online business (eeeek!!)!  LOADS of work still to do but I am enjoying the challenge so much.  It is a service business and ties in all my creative skills with organisation.  The aim is to make other people's life's just a little bit easier!Watch this space :)

Oh and an update on my veganism... for those of you that care! 

Yes I am "one of those vegans".  Since making the decision in December I have been LOOOVING this new lifestyle.  Really enjoying exploring new food, joining in new communities and Glasgow is THE place to be if you are a Vegan.  We are so spoiled for choice in this city with loads of Vegan restaurants (most are also music venues too...a connection there?).  I would like to do a YouTube video chatting about my reasons for going vegan and all my experiences so far. 

(Funny side note.  My Cousin managed to convince my sister that I had turned Vegan due to 'religious reasons'.  She, very carefully, drove a random conversation onto the topic of religion before she just blurted it out... "Have you become a Muslim?".  So much wrong with that situation!  But it made me laugh!) 

Alright dudes and duddettes.  I am signing off!  Today is TOUR BOOKING DAY (June house gig hosts get in touch!)  Hope you are having a great February.  Enjoy vagina day :) 

P.S. If you are in Glasgow this evening I am playing at Sapporo on Ingram Street from around 5.30pm.  Romance, Ginger, piano goodness... 

Rosie xxx

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