The past month has been a true test of my motivation. Being emerged in environments that totally stress me out seriously sucks away at my motivation and energy, and unfortunately that's where I have been recently. Thankfully though, I can now say I have my own space again and am feeling very light and refreshed. As a result I am feeling the spores of motivation creep back under my skin, and I am so ready to take it all, all this life stuff, back on.

The album took a massive hit during the last month. I have not been close to it at all and now it has lay dormant for a while I am reopening the dusty box and picking it all back up - THANK YOU GAWD! It's a bit like a mate I haven't seen in a while and deerie me do we need to catch up!

Now I am an east Londoner, and it is better than I could have imagined. There are parks EVERYWHERE, green spaces, streets lined with trees, quiet. It is all so quiet, especially at night time. There is not a sound and it is beautiful. No flat mates, no parties just me and my loved one and the sound of our fingers typing away as we work in tandem on or laptops. It is delicious. Space is at such a premium here in London and once you have it - wow - how did I ever cope before? Living in a shop? Living in a tiny flat with 6 other people?! HOW? Fuck only knows.

So I am here now. As my Dad always said "Wherever you are, that's where you'll be". Not in a serious way obviously, my Dad, serious? Not for a bloody moment! But it does make sense, I mean that is where you will be, where you are… you know!

Motivation truly comes from within, it has to be nurtured and fed, kept in the right environment so it can grow and blossom. Sometime it wilts, sometimes it dies but with the right people around you, the right circumstances, and that strong belief in yourself, it can always be revived ad renewed! So here is to the arrival of a much needed revival in motivation! BREATHE IT IN! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!

Rock on bitches.  Rock on! x

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