Marching ahead with new music!

Hello everyone!  Happy Friday :) 

I hope this newsletter find you all doing well. 

I have a ton of pretty cool stuff happening at the moment I’d love to share with you...

New album, Identify Yourself, received funding from Creative Scotland

Holy fuck.  Someone up in heaven clearly took a shine to me this month as my application was approved and I was granted funding to record my debut album.  I am unbelievably grateful to Creative Scotland for this opportunity.  "Identify Yourself" has already had a ton of work put into it and now I can actually promise you all that you will hear it, in all it’s Glaswegian glory. 

Album will be released in the Summer so keep your eyes peeled! 

I am going on tour again this June - YAS!

This has been a long break from tour (since November) which feel weird for me so I am delighted to be hitting the road again.  A sneak peak of some dates…lot’s more to be added.  Hope to catch you at a show this summer!  And you would like to host a house gig please reply to this email and let’s organise something! 

June 2017 Tour Dates 

6   GLASGOW BLOC supporting STRATA 

9   CARLISLE Open Mind 

11  BIRMINGHAM Female Voices hosted by Lobelia (Pending Confirmation) 

13  LONDON SoundLounge Tooting 

16  LAATZEN House Concert 

18  WALDENBURG Concert 

19 - 20  WALDENBURG, 2 Day Songwriting Workshop 

23  REGENSBURG House Concert 

24  LANQUAID Little Cuba 

28  ROSSENDALE Whitaker Museum 

30  MACHESTER House Concert 

I am happy I get to send this email to you, with good, positive vibes going on.  This "music thing" can get pretty bleak at times, feeling like you are not getting anywhere and along with that dreaded comparison game we can sometimes play it’s can be really difficult to keep pushing on.  When you guys reply to my mail outs, videos, tweets, anything, it gives me a real life boost and genuinely makes it less about me a more about music, which is how it should be.

I hope you like the new songs.  I hope you like the show that I tour.  And if we have never met before I hope we can meet each other and become pals. 

Have a good weekend guys!  Catch you on the other side :) 

Rosie x

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