London Riots.

I live in south east London, in a lovely town called Greenwich.  Greenwich has a daily flood of tourists thanks to the National Maratime Museum, The Royal Observatory and of course the Greenwich meridian.  After what seemed like the apocalypse broke out all over London, and many other cities in England, on Monday night, we felt thankful that Greenwich did not fall victim.  As a direct result of this escape, a rumour started flying around Twitter and Facebook that Greenwich was on the 'target list' and was going to be hit on Tuesday afternoon.   Tuesday I was out in Central London, saying goodbye to a friend who had came down to visit, then headed home to Greenwich Town.  It looked like this:

This was at around 4pm.  All the shop keepers had been advised to close and board up shop.  I was convinced that there was going to be a riot right on my door step and started barricading myself in my house!  Yeah, perhaps a bit too far but there was a genuine fear in the town.  I am so thankful that nothing happened except a few smashes in the local Orange shop window and feel very lucky not to have experienced anything first hand.

Everyone is searching for reasons. There are so many arguments about social, economical issues surrounding the riots.  Was it an extreme form of protest for some?  Perhaps a case of pure greed, or maybe just disconnected young people venting their anger at the society that has excluded them?  I have no idea.  I just know there is a right and wrong way to act, and no matter how justified some think their actions are, this amount of destruction and devastation is just plain wrong.  Greenwich council have announced they will be evicting anyone found to be connected to the riots.  And there is a petition flying around to take benefits off people that were involved.   I don't believe these steps will make anything better, and may actually contribute to further riots.  

Sad times.

Doom and gloom....BLEGH....This will cheer you up...


"London, we love you.  Get better soon" - Written on a boarded up Peckham shop front.

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