Live Stream Announcement - Wed 8th Feb @ 7pm!

Hello everyone :)

I am back from a very rainy week away and feeling ready to smash back into my work. 

There are loads of exciting things happening this month, all of which I would love to share with you. 

Join me on a live stream on Wednesday 8th Feb at 7pm. 

Patrons: Expect a ton of demos this February, they are ready and waiting.  We are so nearly at the end of this Patreon project! I can almost TASTE the recording studio... 

If you are not a Patron then you can become on by heading over to my profile and seeing what it is all about!!! :) 

How was everyone's January?  Full of music and gigs?  I love keeping in touch with you all via twitter and Facebook. 

See you on Wednesday!

Rosie xxx

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