Just to say hello

 Hey ho peepo,

There has been much going on down in the batcave.  I have barely had time to stop and just take a quick breath, so I took the weekend off.  SHOCK HORROR!  Cousins came visiting LDN town so I went out and done the whole touristy 'and this is big ben, did you know that the name is actualy the bell not....blah blah' I loved it.

January seen me play many a gig solo, as well as get ON IT with the batcave recordings.  I also upgraded my computer (FINALLY!!) so have a shiny new machine to finish the demos on.  How fucking epic.

Upping the level of solo gigs I am doing means less 'work' type gigs which suits me down to the ground, if my cash flow situation can stay stable then we are winning at this - life/paying for rent/not being a full blown alcholholic - shit.  Which is always a good thing.  

Coming up... I AM PLAYING THE FOLLOWING GIGS IN LONDON.  Come along and I will shower you with angry lyrics, some accidental notes and a free E.P.  They are going until they are gone.

Feb 6th @ The Bedford
Feb 11th @ The Old Queens Head
Feb 15th @ Spiritual Bar, Camden
Feb 21st @ The White Lion

They are all on my gigs page so you can keep updated.

This is full on, mental music making and I am super chiffed to have woken up to 2013 with what feels like the engine of a racecar powering away in my chest.  It's amazing.  Enjoying each and every day, every wink of sleep and ever breath of icy January London air.  Sweetness!!!

A few of my maties are on it too this year (as they have always been!) and I am well excited to hear what they have been working on.

Erin Todd has a new E.P. coming out very soon.  I have heard it and it's amazingly Erin.  It's so her!  I love it!  Absolutely faultless vocals.
Roisin Tuohy is launching her E.P. at the Wee Red Bar in Edinbugh on March 7th.  I haven't listened too much as I am saving myself for what is sure to be a cracker of a gig.
Louise Dodds will releasing an album this year.  Oh my god I can't wait, she is someone that get shit loads done and doesn't need to shout about it.  And is also a bird loving, jazz humming ledge.  All you need to know.

It's all going on.

Catch ye'z on the flip side amigos. X

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