Interview with artPACKT!

I was interviewed by the lovely folks at artPACKT in London to chat about our upcoming tour as well as my general musical musings! :)
Interview with Rosie Bans. Self release, music and tour.

Rosie Bans is on tour with two of our other acts this summer.  We had a little chat with the lady herself to discuss her thoughts on music and general life things!







Why Music?  


Well I am no good at anything else!  Seriously though, when I was in school I quite enjoyed science, and like most kids that went to high school the same time as me science equalled CSI!  I was gonna be a forensic scientists…apparently.  I have no idea why and where that idea came from.  Anyhow, I always played music.  Was always singing and playing the keyboard at home, and I knew I was quite good at it but it wasn’t “realistic” according to my careers advisor in school.


My piano teacher sat me down and said look, you don’t need to go to uni and do science if you don’t want to.  You can go and study music.  There is no pressure on you, you are only 16 and if it doesn’t work out then so what?  You can chose another route.


So that was me!  Off to college at 16 to do music.  I have never regretted it one bit :)

What is your favourite guilty pleasure?


It’s not even a guilty pleasure, I don’t feel guilty one bit.  I love 90’s pop music, Spice Girls, Eternal (loooove them), Destiny’s Child, TLC…the list goes on!  Harmonies and catchy choruses, what’s not to love!?!?


Other than the live show, what is you favourite thing about touring?


Meeting tons of new people in a short space of time.  I love that part of it.  New faces, new accents, chatting to all kinds of people from all walks of life.  From the lady in the BnB cooking breakfast to the sound man that’s just had a baby and is stressed out his nut, to the house gig host you have just met and is putting you up in their home for the night and cooking your dinner!  Wow, what a privilege to meet all these folk.  I love that!


What is the most difficult and the easiest aspect of being an artist? 


Most difficult is the constant battle between using your time to make money, and using it to make art.  Occasionally they overlap but there is always a niggle in the back of my head reminding me I have a bill to pay, or the rent is due soon and the definitely influences my decisions on a daily basis.


The easiest aspect… that’s quite a hard one!  It’s only recently I have found it easier to be myself.  100% who I am on social media, on record, in person, on stage.  I battled for a while with how to perform and what kind of stuff I should say.  The moment I let my guard down people started listening and approaching me.  


Another thing I find incredibly easy is embracing gratitude.  Being grateful for every single tiny OUNCE of direction, help, encouragement and support.  If you don’t find that part of this job easy you need to check yourself. 


How much does being a ‘female’ artist play a part in you, and your art?


Not much.  I am a feminist, as are most of the people I have around me in my life.  Being female doesn’t make a difference to me at all when it comes to my writing.  


The only time I feel like it affects anything is when I am gigging in venues.  Sometimes you get ignored, especially if you are gigging with a band.  Sometimes it’s assumed the male guitarist is in charge, not the girl singer, so direct all their questions at them…even when they are told otherwise.  It doesn’t happen too often but occasionally. 

You’ve recently self released an E.P, how much of an influence does a self release have on you?


It’s brilliant!! I had a really strong idea of the sound of the record, the great thing about being independent is that you can achieve whatever sound you desire!  I am my own producer, along with my great pal Duncan Menzies, and between us we agreed on every sound, guitar tone, drum sound, and went back and forward with our mixing engineer, Gareth Small, at Down and Left Studios in Denmark Street to make sure we had the sounds we wanted.  UNLIMITED CREATIVE CONTROL.  I wouldn’t want it any other way!







What was the last book that blew your mind and why should anyone read it?


Dani Jonson “First Steps to Wealth” - holy shit.  It’s changed my whole attitude to money and to my wealth and to how to run a business.  READ IT.  You will not regret it.  

You’re needing uplifting, what tunes do you pump out the stereo? 


If I’m down I like a good soulless lyrics, something about ‘da club’!! Also, any full on pop stuff, I am LOVING Ellie Goulding and Chloe Howl right now.  If I’m angry it’s got to be Amanda Palmer.

Sunday afternoon, sun is shining through the window, you’re pretty hungover and your soul is wilting, what do you need to hear?


I don’t go in for the slow numbers at all.  Even when it’s chill out time. Tori Amos would be my woman, I love songs like “father Lucifer”, quirky lyrical tracks that I can put on repeat. 


You are about to explode with excitement because you and all your friends are heading out to party, what on the hi-fi right now?


Okay so number one - I’m sorry but that would never happen.  Parties have never got me excited, and I am more like Mark from Peep show than Jez.  Growing up I used to love all the old Happy Hardcore tracks “We are the children of the night!!” that reminds me of partying as a teenager!  Now though I’d probably opt for some Fleetwood Mac, Bill Withers, some disco tracks in there too (it’s been a while since I’ve partied, can you tell!!).  I’m more of a whisky sipping talker than a full on drunken partier I’m afraid! hahaha!

Lets cut the Jibber-Jabber, talking about music is like dancing about architecture  so in 5 words why should people come see you live?


Because I’m ginger and funny!  






Rosie Bans is on tour this May with artPACKT Collective.  You can check out all the dates HERE as well as download her free E.P. Be Bold from HERE.


Tickets for the launch gig on the the 23rd of May at Torriano Bar can be foundHERE.

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