Holy fucking hellbags - I am doing my first album!! 

Supporters that have been around since 2013, you will know that I attempted my debut back then.  I actually got so far as to record the WHOLE fucking album then I massively ran out of money. 

The debut album bus broke down.  Then I kinda broke down. 

So I am BACK, as resilient as ever with a bunch of new tunes ready for recording!  EEEkkkkkkk!!!! 

I still have no money so as well as my very modest savings I have been applying to every single fund I can to try and raise some cash for this project.  As well as this I am launching a Pledge Music campaign and I really hope you like me enough to buy some shit to make this happen!  More on this soon!!

First - the music.  Over the next month I will be releasing demos of most of the tracks onto my site, I'd love you input and opinions on them and maybe together we can sort out the track list. 

I am so excited about this one, I would LOVE to have the record finished before the end of the year so it is a massive push. 

As always, thank you for all your support :) 

If you haven't already why not check out my previous E.P.s at www.rosiebans.com/music and connect wth me online? 


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