How to get FREE pants on tour!

Have a look inside my tour bag!  AND how to get free pants :)

I am shit at packing as you will soon see.  But if you are heading off on tour and don't know what the fuck to bring have a wee read!

Okay so we are away for 30 days playing 24 gigs.  I have some set outfits for the tour, I am a 'black jeans go with everything' kinda girl.  The truth is I find it hard to give much of a fuck about fashion.  If anyone knows me personally they know that I am an addidas tracksuit person.  It's probably due to having two big brothers and wearing all their hand me downs...

Okay, my tour bag...excited?

First, and most important!

  • My keys, a Roland Juno Di. 
  • keyboard stand 
  • 2 x mic stands 
  • My SM58 mic 
  • A bunch of cables (2 XLRs 3 Jack leads)

We bring a lovely big old vintage suitcase on tour with us. It is packed full of our CDs, and we usually only have CDs on tour, Anna has some tote bags but we make most of our money through CD sales.  The box is prettiefied with lovely fairylights and big beautiful piece of fabric.  Attention says 'PLEASE BUY OUR CDS COS WE IS PURE DEAD POOR AND NEED SOME MUNS MAN" Not literally.


I try to keep everyday wear to a minimal (Addidas tracksuit X 1 THANK YOU!).  Prioritise the gig wear, you'll be getting photographed in it enough times! 

  • Joggies, one pair - my must have for driving.  I channel my inner chav where ever i go - you know that 
  • Trainers, one pair - Running trainer to be precise.  I am going to try, like I do every year, and get some runs in on tour this year...let's see! 
  • Boots, one pair - these are for on stage and if it rains.  Double up!
  • Jumper - because I have a FEAR of being too cold.  An actual fear, and it makes me angry.  First world major problems.
  • Sandshoes, one pair, for kicking around in
  • 2 x jeans, black - I can wear these on and off stage (goes with everything)
  • Jammies (PJs.  You NEED to bring them on tour)
  • 10 days of pants and socks.  It's the ten day laundry gauntlet.  It keep me on my toes (and sometimes commando)
And if you tell the audience that you are running out of pants they may actually go and get you some mid show.  Genuinely happened to me. 
True Story. 

Follow @RosieBans on instagramfor waaaay more pantie pictures. (my granny just wont stop stealing my phone!!)

 Thank GOD that Robert was there to document such a special moment.

Other Shit!
  • Steam Inhaler - this thing is a game changer, I love it!  Steam your voice anywhere you can get some boiling water.  A must for all singers man.
  • Eye mask and ear plugs (foam) 
  • Ear plugs - for on stage, even though we are essentially acoustic, long periods of time of just a little bit higher level of noise is damaging.   
  • Yoga mat and resistance band - Roll it out and stretch that body!  Not reccommended for servce stations though, people will think you are actually mental.
  • Fruit - Yes, always gonna keep some oranges in my bag.  KEEP YOUR BOWELS MOVING PEOPLE.  Tour constipation is a very real problem.
  • CHOONS - good music for driving to 
  • Cool box - to keep fruit and other non choclate/chocolate items in (Thank artPACKT tour buddy Anna Mac for this one!)
  • Flask - We are all tea junkies, we need tea/
  • NEW ADDITION - Car charger Kettle - HOLY FUCK BALLS.  Yes!  This thing is gonna be like an IV tea injection. 
  • Books - Digital as there is no space for actually lovely papery ones.  This is IF you get some me time.  If. You might get a chapter in without falling asleep.

And pack some fucking optimism cos two weeks in everyone gets on your tits and you are swamped with tiredness.  optimisim is key.  I try to keep a diary on tour and start with the 3 things i am happy about.   

That's it.  Kinda boring, kind insightful, all in my bag. :)

Much love to you all! xxx

See you all on the road!!   xxxx

Here are the dates:

31/3 The Chocolate Company, Oban, UK 
1/4 House Gig, Edinburgh, UK 
2/4 House Gig, Glasgow, UK 
3/4 Hotel Eilean Iarmain, Isle of Skye, UK
4/4 House Gig, Isle Of Skye, UK
6/4 The Royal Oak, Edinburgh 
7/4 The Steamie, Glasgow, UK 
8/4 House Gig, Sheffield, UK 
9/4 House Gig, Coventry, UK 
10/4 House Gig Swansea, UK 
11/4 Mr Wolf's, Bristol, UK 
14/4 The Wolfhound, Haarlem, NL 
15/4 Home Of Art, Amsterdam, NL 
16/4 House Gig, Ghent, BE 
17/8 Heuvelzicht, Essen, BE 
19/4 House Gig, The Hague, NL 
20/4 House Gig, The Hague, NL 
21/4 House Gig, Laatzen, GER 
22/4 Karambolage, Dresden, GER 
23/4 Jag deine Eltern nicht vom Hof, Regensburg, GER 
24/4 Murphy’s Law, Regensburg,GER 
26/4 Cafe Zentral, Amberg, GER 
27/4 KaffeeKüche, Munich, GER
29/4 House Gig, London, UK

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And, as always, THANK YOU! 

Rosie xxx


  • warriorgrrl
    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! How do you calculate how many CDs to take on tour? I find it the hardest thing of all...

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! How do you calculate how many CDs to take on tour? I find it the hardest thing of all...

  • Rosie Bans
    Rosie Bans
    We just bring ALL the CDs (or none depending on what company we use! Grrr!!)..very optimistic...

    We just bring ALL the CDs (or none depending on what company we use! Grrr!!)..very optimistic...

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