House gigs and the likes :)


Last night's gig at the Regal Room was pretty cool!  It was LADIES NIGHT!  An all female line up! YES.  Not that I have anything aginst boys it's just, you know, women are better.  Generally.

I was on the bill with three other acts, all really fucking good, all really talented and different.  I got everyones details (which doesn't always happen!) and so endethed a good night.  eth.  ed.  YEY!

TONGHTA!  I am heading to Birmingham to play a house gig.  YUS!  It's my first non-at home, house gig.  By that I mean, it's my first house gig I've played that's not in my own wee hoose.  The extent of my lazieness really prevails through that sentence.  But yeah, we are taking a road trip mofos!  It's myself, Mike Nisbet and Fit and the Conniptions on the bill tonight.  There will be photos, there will be whisky, there will be fun Brum times.

Novemeber.  What do you have for me? Mare shows! - always nice, as well as installment THREE of online gig in Rosie's gaff!  We have some uber talent playing at the next one so be sure to keep your ear to the ground.  or computer.

Talk soon doooodes!!! Rxxx

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