House Gig, Barricades Rise, Patreon Update.

Hello everyone!  How are you all doing?

I wanted to tell you about my weekend.  I traveled down to Birmingham on Saturday to play a house gig.  For those who don't know, a house gig is literally a concert that takes place in someone's living room!  I get asked about them quite a bit, some folk find it a weird concept but I always have to say how amazing they are!  If you are a fan of intimate shows, ones where you can really hear everything an artist has to play and say then do get yourself down to a house gig!  

These shows are happening all over the UK and Europe on a weekly basis and they make up a large of my touring schedule.  I love them and Saturday night was no exception!  

Photo cred: Barricades Rise

I was sharing the bill with Coventry based band Barricades Rise.  I met the guys from BR a good six-odd years ago now when they were gigging in London.  Since then I have been a fan of their music and of their stage presence and energy as performers!  It's unusual for the guys to get through a whole set without breaking a string but the managed it on Saturday! 

The lads in action!
Whilst packing for the trip I realised that I did not actually have any new music to sell at the show.  I had a real 'exhale' year last year and put out three records, two of which I toured and promoted and have (almost) sold out of!  But I am in 'inhale' mode right now.  Learning, writing, thinking, just brewing up my next release so I directed people towards my Patreon Page. 

Patreon is an amazing platform through which supporters can back creators to allow them to keep making what they do.  For this reason the platform is popular with lots of YouTubers and Bloggers.  So I am writing a ton of music right now and really wanted to share it with people on Patreon.  

By the end of February patrons ill have 20 songs from me.  It's been tough keeping up the writing but it has also been an amazing way to exercise my composition muscles! 

I have 30 wonderful patrons and hoping to have some more folk on board from what is coming up to be the last month of my current project on the platform.  Not too sure what to do with Patreon after the demos are out, I will cross that bridge when I come to it!

If you would like to support me on Patreon I would LOVE to have you on board :) You will instantly get access to download TEN new songs as well as two online gigs straight away, oh and it all only costs $1!!

So I hope your week is starting off well and you are powering through, feeling good and making things happen!!!

Rosie xxx

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