Hooks and hookers.

 WOW.  This September has been goooooooooooood!  I have been up to ALL KINDS OF SHIZZNIT!  But got some main stuff I would like to let you know about.

THE BATCAVE DEMOS HAVE BEGUN.  So currently there are two tracks up, "Make Believe" and "Arguments".   I am working in a (sort of) chronological order of when I wrote them.  SO this current batch are from around 2010 ish.  I have recoded nothing sonce 2009 so this is me, putting down pretty much everything I have.  It's gonna be EPIC.

The other point I want to make is that they are free.  All the music on my site is free to download when ever you want.  All I ask for is an email address.  If you like my music then please leave me a comment here or on Facebook and we can chat about stuff.  Like music, or gingers.  Or anything you want really.  :D

You can listen here to THE BATCAVE DEMOS

Happy days!

I am also just back from Amsterdam with Her Majesty.  I have been in this band since around March, we have done a few shows and have a good few more booked before NY.  We have a track up you can listen to if you wish on our facebook page.  We played Red Light Fever in Amsterdam's Red Light District.  Fever.  Clap.  Something like that.


Listen and I hope you enjoy.  Share around my songs, and tell anyone you think would like. 


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